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My daughter Summer has attended JASS since she was 3 years old when she started with Little Stars. Julie and her team of staff are motivating and encouraging, giving children the opportunity to gain confidence and develop their talents and abilities, whilst there is also a sprinkle of fun and a welcoming environment.

All the children can participate in the annual show, which is delightful for family and friends, whilst the children learn to work with each other as a team and there is great camaraderie between them all.

Where someone wishes to advance their skills and experience further, Julie offers both inspiration and support, helping them to attain their dreams at every opportunity. Summer absolutely adores Julie and JASS has become a part of her life that she would never give up!

Sarah Riggs



My daughter Keara has had dancing lessons since she was 2 years old. We moved to JASS when she was 6 as we wanted somewhere friendlier and somewhere with more opportunities. We've never looked back, and so glad we changed. Keara has come on in 'leaps' and bounds with her confidence,particularly since starting Musical Theatre. We take part in all the shows and all the children look forward to ithem. We've also had the opportunity to take part in local festivals / competitions which Keara has done well in and also mini shows in venues around Bournemouth and Poole.

JASS is almost like a home away from home. We spend a significant part of our week there and Keara wouldn't have it any other way. All the staff are very experienced and lovely people and always make themselves available if you want a quick chat about your child. It's a fun, friendly environment and I am very pleased with my daughter's progression through the Graded syllabus and the other classes. JASS Studio's - highly recommended!

Louise Ward








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